Future Wave – Digital Collage Art


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Future Wave – Digital Collage Art Mounted on Board and Flood Coated in Clear Resin

61cm x 46cm

This original artwork was created by merging digital stock images into a new futuristic scene, printed and mounted onto MDF board and finished with a flood coat of clear resin.

Please note: True colour may vary slightly from the photographs. Although the upmost care is taken and I strive for a perfect finish resin is a very tricky medium, each piece develops it’s own perfectly imperfect character in the creation process. Some dimpling, dust, and texture difference are all normal and make each piece an original and one of a kind artwork.

Care: To keep your original resin painting looking great, do not hang in direct sunlight and avoid touching the surface. To clean your artwork, spray with a gentle glass cleaner Or mild soapy water and wipe with a soft microfibre cloth. Even though resin is a relatively durable, scratch resistant media, resin can scratch so handle and transport your artwork with care. Do not lean anything against the front of the artwork or use any sharp objects to clean the surface.