About the Artist


I’m Jaclyn, artist and business owner at Zig Art Studio on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

‘Zig Art Studio’ is where I get to create art in all the mediums I love. My resin art ocean pieces are inspired by the gorgeous ocean and beaches that surround me close to home and others I have been fortunate to visit. I also draw inspiration from ocean and beach photography.

I source pre-loved surfboards locally and up cycle them to create beautiful ocean pour wall art.

My square, rectangle and round pieces are created on primed wood panel.

I create all my pieces using resin mixed with resin pigment pastes or powders. Each original painting is completely unique and full of depth. As light reflects off the glassy surface of the resin, depth and layers are revealed. Each piece is created one layer at a time, carefully controlling the fluid movement of the resin, while allowing it to settle on its own, emulating the movement of the ocean. 

My abstract and mixed media pieces can involve me using a mix of resin, acrylic paint, paint pens, inks and more.

When I’m not painting, I work as a graphic designer, here is where I discovered and developed my love for digital collage art, digital collage is an art form created by piecing and layering together a variety of virtual images and/or textures from different sources to create a whole new work of art. The creative possibilities are endless with this medium. 

In my free time I practice my love of photography, enjoy time with my family and friends, walk my little dog by the lake or beach, all the while planning new places to travel and explore locally or afar to not only draw new inspiration for my work but to find a good work life balance.

Thanks for visiting!